Best Practices

Take your agency’s performance to another level – Go from good to great!

Best Practices provides the model for you have to continue not only to grow but also continue to improve the job you do for your customers, improve the quality and capabilities of your employees, and provide to your employees the carrier relationships, the tools, the resources and the organization needed to serve your customers
2013 Best Practices Study
Studying the leading agencies in the country, provides meaningful performance benchmarks and strategies. See what can be adopted or adapted for use in improving agency performance, thus enhancing agency value.

Best Practices Gateway
Browse the latest research on top-rated agencies and see how your agency's results compare with the best. Link to an abundance of useful tools to help improve your agency's performance.
Best Practices Products
Get practical tools you can use to create and duplicate the best practices in your own agency. There are an abundance of tools available and each is designed to address a specific area.

​​Be a Best Practices Agency
Inclusion provides the prestigious status of "Best Practices Agency" and opens the doors to many benefits. The purpose of the Best Practices study is to compile the operating statistics of the country's leading agents and brokers.