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Insurance Statutes

Agency/Producer Obligation to Notify ADOI of Criminal Actions
Report of Actions ARS 20-301 click here
License Denial, Suspension or Revocation; Civil Penalty ARS 20-295 click here
Application for License (Need to Report Criminal Actions) ARS 20-285 click here

Auto Statutes
Cell Phone Use While Operating A Vehicle ARS 28-914  click here
Charging Fees ARS 20-465  
click here
Glass No Deductible ARS 20-264 click here
Grace Period (Period of time for premium payment to be received by insurance carrier) ARS 20-1632.01 click here
ID Cards (Insurance identification cards; documentary evidence; exception) ARS 28-4133 click here
Limits of Liability (Commercial Auto) ARS 28-4033 click here
Mandatory Auto Insurance Law ARS 28-4135 click here
Monthly Premium (Fees) ARS 20-267 click here
Non-Cancellation Law – Personal Auto Provisions Including Issues of Excluding Drivers ARS 20-1631 click here
              Notice to the Insured ARS 20-1632 click here
              Grace Period ARS 20-1632.01 click here            
Policy Requirements for Motor Vehicles ARS 28-4009  click here
Private Passenger Auto Definition ARS 20-117 click here
Rate Increase Prohibited (Not At Fault Accidents) ARS 20-263  click here
Uninsured/Underinsured Law ARS 20-259.01 click here

Binders ARS 20-1120  click here

Commercial Policies
Non-Cancellation Law 
              Scope of Article ARS 20-1671 click here
              Definitions  ARS 20-1672 click here
              Grounds for Cancellation ARS 20-1673 click here
              Notice of Cancellation  ARS 20-1674 click here
              Notice of Non-Renewal ARS 20-1676 click here
              Notice of Change ARS 20-1677 click here
              Proof of Notice ARS 20-1678 click here

Countersignature of Agent or Brokers
Countersign/Exceptions ARS 20-229 click here
Retaliation ARS 20-230 click here

Electronic or Internet Delivery of Insurance Policies

Electronic Communications and Records; Applicability; Definitions ARS 20-239 click here
Electronic Posting of Policies; Definitions ARS 20-240 click here
IIABA ACT Procedure for Electronic Delivery of Insurance Documents Pursuant to the Federal eSign Act
click here

Exclusive Agent 
Prohibiting Ins. Companies from Appointing Exclusive Agents for Certain Policies ARS 20-460 click here

Homeowners – Dwelling Insurance 
Non-Cancellation Law 
              Application of Law ARS 20-1651 click here
              Grounds for Cancellation ARS 20-1652 click here
              Mailing Notice ARS 20-1653 click here
              Intention of Non-Renewal ARS 20-1654 click here
              Proof of Mailing ARS 20-1656 click here 

Definitions ARS 20-281 click here
License Required ARS 20-282 click here
Exceptions to Insurance Producer Licensing ARS 20-283 click here
"Person" Defined ARS 20-105 click here
Assumed Name/Trade Name ARS 20-297 click here
NonResident Licensing ARS 20-287 click here
Insurance Producer Records: Individual Licenses ARS 20-290 click here
Temporary Licensing ARS 20-294 click here
Effect of Suspension or Revocation of License ARS 20-296 click here
Commissions ARS 20-298 click here

Liquor Liability

Social Host ARS 4-301 click here
Notice of Litigation ARS 4-302 click here
Serving Minors ARS 4- 311 click here
Liability Limitations ARS 4-312 click here 

Arizona Department of Insurance Regulatory Bulletin click here

Mortgage Companies
Timely Premium Payment ARS 6-115 click here
Requiring Limits Higher than Replacement Cost ARS 44-1208 click here
Lending Companies Prohibited Agent Selection
             ARS 20-452.01  Designation of particular insurer prohibited
             ARS 20-452.02  Exceptions
             ARS 20-452.03  Evidence of nonviolation
             ARS 20-452.04  Investigation of director of alleged violations

Rebates on Insurance Premium or Commission ARS 20-452 click here

Surplus Lines 
Surplus Lines: Brokers ARS 20-407 click here
Surplus Lines License Examination ARS 20-411 click here
Licensing of Mexican Insurance Surplus Lines Broker ARS 20- 411.01 click here
Required Reports Filed by Surplus Lines Brokers ARS 20-408 click here
Recognized Surplus Lines ARS 20-409 click here
Validity of Surplus Lines Insurance: Disclosure; Policy Fees ARS 20-410 click here 
Statement of Tax Filings ARS 20-415 click here
Tax on Surplus Lines ARS 20-416 click here

Trade Secrets
Theft of Trade Secrets; Classification; Definition ARS 13-1820  click here

Trust Accounts
License Denial, Suspension or Revocation; Civil Penalty ARS 20-295 Section A #4  click here

Workers Compensation Insurance 
Cancellation Time Period ARS 23-961 F (see part I) click here
Employers Subject to Workers Compensation Laws (including Independent Contractors) ARS 23-902 click here
Sole Proprietor - Workers Compensation ARS 23-961 (see part M) click here
Right of Employees to Compensation ARS 23-1021 click here
Exclusive Remedy ARS 23-1022 click here
Assigned Risk Plan (as of 1/01/2013) ARS 23-1091 click here

To research the complete list of Arizona Revised Statutes go to:
(Most insurance Laws are in Title 20, Workers Compensation in Title 23, Transportation Issues in Title 28)