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Every year the IIABAZ recognizes outstanding individuals in the insurance industry and the awards are present at the annual Convention.

Please take a moment to Nominate someone you feel is deserving of these very special awards.

Arizona Insurance Hall of Fame
The highest honor the IIABAZ can bestow on an Arizona insurance professional is to induct them into the Insurance Hall of Fame. This is an all-industry award given in recognition of the individual's lifetime contributions to the business of insurance and whose participation and activities are such as to lend dignity, distinction and credence to the industry.
2023 Inductee - Joni R. Fairbrother, CIC, RPLU with Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Arizona

Independent Agent Career Achievement Award
The Paul H. Jones Career Achievement Award was established in honor of Big I Past President Paul Jones in 1960. A high honor given to a member agent of the IIABAZ in recognition of their achievements and activity in the insurance industry on a local, state and national level, leadership, education, community service and politics.
2023 Recipient - None

Lanny Hair Insurance Leadership Award
The award honors an agent member or company representative in Arizona who is a leader, advocate and mentor. The individual has demonstrated a quality of leadership and willingness to mentor those new to the industry. Established in 1989 as the Archie Mendelsohn Memorial Award and renamed in 2022 in recognition of Lanny Hair's contributions to the industry as a leader and mentor.
2023 Recipient - None

Agent of the Year
Known as the Charles W. Traubel Memorial Award, this service award is given in recognition of a member agent's contributions of time and efforts to further the interests of the Association and its Members.
2023 Recipient - None

Committee Chair of the Year
Recognizes outstanding work by an individual State Committee Chairperson selected for their drive and efforts to their duties by the IIABAZ Executive Committee.
2023 Recipients - Shannon Austin, CPCU, ARM, AFIS, AU, AIM, ASLI with Secura Insurance Companies and Dan Speas with Central Insurance Companies 


Associate of the Year
The Steve Welker Associate of the Year Award is presented to an individual who has provided outstanding support to the independent insurance agents and brokers and to the American Agency System. The honor is for those affiliated with the insurance industry and not member agents.
2023 Recipient - Tyler Smith with Imperial PFS

Outstanding CSR of the Year
Each year, an exceptional insurance professional is selected to represent their state and then compete to become the National Outstanding CSR of the Year presented by The National Alliance. This prestigious award recognizes the contributions and commitment of those who serve clients within the insurance industry. To be eligible candidates must submit an essay on a topic chosen by The National Alliance.  Click here for details.
2023 Arizona Recipient - Tracy Miller with LeBaron & Carroll Insurance, Mesa

Arizona Insurance Hall of Fame Recipients
1968  C.W. "Bill" Bond
1969  Geo. H. Amos, Sr., Harry W. Nason and Kenneth Nehring
1970  B.L. Udell
1971  Verland Haldiman
1972  Gordon Shoaf
1973  Ray Rohwer
1974  Conde Withers
1975  Paul Jones, CPCU
1976  Thomas E. Downey and Charles G. Sullivan
1977  Chester Long and William F. Harrelson
1978  Frank Middleton and Don Mahoney
1979  Albert W. Gibson
1980  Virginia V. Batey and L.H. "Dick" Marlar
1981  Edward H. Bringhurst
1982  Robert L. Jackson
1983  Richard Hance, R.D. Gibson and O.M. "Jack" Cleveland
1984  Emil Barberich
1985  Morton A. Solot, CPCU
1986  Frank Bradley
1987  Frank Smith
1988  D.M. "Mac" Lovitt, CPCU
1989  Archie Mendelsohn and John Howard, CPCU
1990  Jack Cabossel and Lester Curtis
1991  Robert J. Lehan, CPCU and Arthur A. Nehring
1992  Don Oliver, CPCU
1993  Milo LeBaron, Jr.
1994  Richard E. French and Raymond R. Ried, CPCU
1995  Robert A. Rovan
1996  R.G. Millstead and T.C. "Skip" Anderson
1997  Byron Davidson, CIC, CPCU
1998  Lynn Hester, Jay Stuckey and James "Jack" Trimble
1999  William Schaefer
2000  Glenn H. Luglan, Jr., CPCU and Everett J. Jones, Jr.
2002  Robert Cowie
2003  John McEvoy and William Pilcher
2004  J. Scott Wede
2005  Lawrence C. Carr, CPCU
2006  William R. Jones, Jr. and Robert L. Mueller
2009  Robert M. Shcolnik
2010  Roberta Hoffman
2011  Richard Gregson and Rolland L. Wiegers
2013  Lanny Hair, CIC, RPLU, ARM, AAI
2016  Mitch T. Childers
2019  Douglas C. Carr, CIC
2021  Joseph M. Binsfeld, CIC and Charlene Powers-Broadbent
2022  Jacqueline Wanta, CPCU, CIC, ARM, CRIS
2023  Joni R. Fairbrother, CIC, RPLU

Committee Chair of the Year Award Recipients
1973  John W. McEvoy, CPCU
1974  Bob Dennis
1975  Jack Trimble, CPCU
1976  Lawrence C. Carr, CPCU
1978  Robert J. Lehan, CPCU
1979  Ray Ried, Jr., CPCU
1980  R.G. "Doc" Millstead
1981  Herb Caywood, CIC
1982  Roger Shields
1983  Sylvia Keppy-Dow, CPCU and Chris Obrock
1984  Larry Velasco and Bill Bloomquist
1985  Jim Jones and Joeseph M. Binsfeld, CIC
1988  Glenn Luglan, CPCU
1989  Frank S. Bradley
1990  Dewaine Ried, CPCU, CLU
1991  Jacqueline Wanta, CIC, CPCU
1992  Chris Edmonson and James Tope, CIC
1993  Roberta Hoffman
1994  Dennis Colgan, CIC
1995  Jim Tope, CIC
1996  William C. Bloomquist
1997  John K. French
1998  Len Dodwell, CIC
1999  Larry Beach, CIC
2000  Brenda Johnson, CIC
2002  Mitch Childers
2003  Wayne Syrek
2004  Jacqueline Wanta, CIC, CPCU, ARM, CRIS
2006  Steven R. Goble, CIC, CRM
2007  James V. Farmer
2008  Joeseph M. Binsfeld, CIC
2009  Jeanette C. Griswold, CPCU
2010  Peter J. Couture, CIC
2011  David Mitchell, CIC,
2012  David Mitchell, CIC,
2015  Beth Andrews and Matt Zollner, CIC
2016  Eric Hoelzen and Whitney Hoelzen
2018  Joe M. Binsfeld, CIC
2022  Zach Burton
2023  Shannon Austin and Dan Speas

Independent Agent Career Achievement Award Recipients
1960  Frank L. Smith
1961  Morton A. Solot, CPCU
1962  William F. Harrelson
1963  Robert D. Olliver, CPCU
1964  Frank P. Middleton
1966  Roy Grebles
1967  John G. Howard, CPCU
1969  Donald J. Mahoney
1970  Albert W. Gibson
1971  Arthur A. Nehring
1972  Charles W. Traubel
1973  Edward J. Bubala
1975  Jack Trimble, CPCU
1976  L.M. "Pete" Jensen
1977  Lawrence C. Carr, CPCU
1978  Charles O. Bloomquist
1979  D.M. "Mac" Lovitt, CPCU
1980  John W. McEvoy, CPCU
1981  Everett J. Jones, Jr.
1982  Pierre Baffett, Sr.
1983  Milo LeBaron, Jr.
1984  Raymond Ried, Jr., CPCU
1985  Jack Cabossel
1987  Archie Mendelsohn
1988  James W. Jones, CPCU
1989  Robert M. Shcolnik and R.G. "Doc" Millstead
1990  Roberta Hoffman
1991  Glenn Luglan, Jr., CPCU
1992  Richard E. French
1993  Robert A. Rovan and Max Jones
1994  Douglas Bourne, CIC
1995  William C. Bloomquist
1996  J. Scott Wede, CPCU
1997  William C. Schaefer
1998  William Pilcher
1999  Byron D. Davidson
2000  Joseph M. Binsfeld, CIC
2001  Rick Gregson
2004  Robert Mueller
2005  Paul H. Jones, CPCU
2006  David M. Lovitt, Jr.
2007  Mitch Childers
2008  Steven R. Goble, CIC, CRM
2017  Jacqueline Wanta, CPCU, CIC, ARM, CRIS
2022  Patricia Griffith

Associate of the Year Award Recipients

1990  Pamela Scruggs
1991  Steve Welker
1992  Dennis Duffy
1993  Beth Jacobson
1994  Lou Harrison
1995  Marc Adler
1996  Bill Arrowwood
1997  George N. Bell
1998  John Rohwer
1999  Dennis Burch
2001  George Mang, III
2003  Gerry Silver
2004  Curtis Anderson
2005  Pam Sanderson
2006  W.L. Richard
2007  Myles P. Hassett
2008  Elizabeth Escher
2012  Beth Andrews
2013  Jodi S. Roll and Carla Van Riper
2014  Breck Grumbles and Konnie Keaschall-Kiser
2015  Matt Zollner, CIC
2016  Katie L. Ball, CIC
2017  Brett Purcell, MBA, CPCU
2018  Barbara Camacho
2021  Shannon Austin, CPCU, ARM, AFIS, AU, AIM
2022  Steve Brown, CRIS
2023  Tyler Smith
Lanny Hair Insurance Leadership Award Recipients
(Archie Mendelsohn Memorial Award)
1989  Joseph Binsfeld, CIC
1990  Robert M. Shcolnik
1991  Sylvia Keppy-Dow, CIC, CPIW
1992  Steven Mendelsohn
1993  Lanny L. Hair, CIC, ARM, AAI
1994  Jerome L. Harris
1995  Joni R. Fairbrother, CIC and Richard E. French
1996  William Schaefer
1997  William C. Bloomquist
1999  J. Scott Wede
Jackie Wanta, CPCU, CIC, ARM, CRIS
2004  Dave Mitchell, CIC
2005  Rick Gregson
2007  Betty J. French
2008  Larry J. Beach, CIC
2013  Mitch Childers

Agent of the Year Award Recipients
(Charles W. Traubel Memorial Award)
1972  Jerome L. Harris
1973  Bob Dennis
1975  Lawrence C. Carr, CPCU
1975  John W. McEvoy, CPCU and Milo LeBaron, Jr.
1976  Bob Shcolnik
1977  Bill Schaefer
1978  Ray Ried, Jr., CPCU
1982  Archie Mendelsohn
1985  Frank Bradley
1986  Sylvia Keppy-Dow, CIC, CPIW
1987  William C. Bloomquist
1988  Joseph M. Binsfeld, CIC
1989  Roger Shields
1990  Richard E. French
1991  Dewaine Ried, CPCU, CLU
1992  Jacqueline Wanta, CIC, CPCU, ARM, CRIS
1993  Chris Edmonson
1995  Dennis E. Colgan, CIC
1997  Len Dodwell, CIC
1998  Gloria Kleist
2001  Mitch Childers
2004  Joni Fairbrother, CIC, RPLU and Richard Gregson
2006  C. Scott Crabdree, CIC
2007  Roberta Hoffman
2012  David Mitchell, CIC, MBA, MA.HR, SPHR
2017  J. Scott Wede, CPCU, ASLI

Arizona's Outstanding CSR of the Year Winners
1993  Patricia Griffith
1994  Bette Ellen Gleason
1997  Patricia Offield, CISR, CPCU, CPIW
1998  Lynne Stipp
1999  Jody Hayden, CISR, CPIW
2000  Marcia Cox
2001  Kristin Gray, CIC, CRM, CISR, CRIS, MLIS
2003  Kelly Harding, CIC, AIS
2005  Arlene Yeskin
2006  Miriam Christensen
2007  Patricia Ramirez
2008  Marilyn Buzard, CIC, AU

2009  Anita Dee Alfson, CIC, CISR
2010  Kami Ishikawa, CISR
2011  Suzette Toole, CISR
2012  Julie Quiring, CIC, CRM, CISR
2013  Sharon Bowman, CIC
2014  Linda G. Ebling, CPCU, ARM, CPIW
2015  Maria Rosaortega, CIC, CISR
2016  Cynthia A. Munksgard  
2017  Karen Cates, CIC, CISR
2018  Kathleen Dragan
2019  Kristin Paul, CIC
2021  Alyssa M. Canez
2022  Rose Griffith
2023  Tracy Miller