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Mexico Insurance

Offer Your Clients Mexico Tourist Insurance!
The Mexico insurance market is growing and set take off. Did you know that Mexico insurance is available to be sold through your agency right now? This Program, with conjunction with International Insurance Group, offers easy access to quality Mexico Tourist Auto, Watercraft, and Home Owners Insurance Coverages. Start writing coverages now!

In addition, International Insurance Group has links for you to post on your websites, social media, and marketing emails, so that your customers can self-issue their Mexico Tourist policies with the agent still receiving the same great commissions!  “Money while you sleep!”

You must have your Arizona State Member Number (Producer Code) in order to receive your commission. Contact Ray Garcia at ray or (800) 627-3356 if you do not know your number.

Many agents have already taken advantage of the revenue and cross sell opportunity associated with this product and sell it frequently, but many have chosen not to. The two most common reasons agents tell us they have not embraced the Mexico Insurance opportunity sooner are:
1.      They didn’t know they could sell it.
2.      They were unfamiliar with the product.

In addition, they have a call center with licensed Mexico insurance experts standing by to assist you with your Mexico insurance questions. So don’t hesitate, jump into this exciting niche today!


NOTE – The agent will be required to enter their Member Number/Producer Code in the AGT-DST field on the Application Form Page. This is in order that their production can be tracked and reported separately from other member producers. 

W-9 Form

In order that each individual agent may be paid their Mexico Insurance commission directly by International Insurance Group (IIG), IIG must have a W-9 form filled out and submitted to the IIG corporate accounting office. The following link to the IRS page containing this form is provided for these purposes. This ONLY needs to be filled out and sent to us ONE TIME. Please go to this site, download the form, which is in PDF format, fill out the form, and fax it to International Insurance Group’s corporate office, Attention: Erin Beaty. The fax number is (928) 779-7221.

Questions should be directed to International Insurance Group, Inc. at 1-888-467-4639.