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On-Demand Webinars & Webcasts

IIABAZ offers Members access to live webinar, streaming webcasts, and recorded webinars
All of IIABAZ's education offerings are now available through live webinars and that includes CIC, CISR and CRIS Designation Programs, E&O Risk Management Seminars, and Ethics Courses. FIND A CLASS will have the schedule and registrations posted.

ABEN - Agent and Broker Education Network Live Webcast CE Courses
Founded by Big I State Associations of independent insurance agents, ABEN is dedicated to bringing highly relevant, interactive, and professionally produced continuing education programs to independent agents in the most convenient and economical ways possible.

ABEN uses streaming video content over the internet that provides the participant with live, full motion video of the presenter, high quality audio, along with coordinated powerpoint slides. The platform also allows the end user to fully participate in the webcast by downloading written materials, emailing questions to presenters in real time, making notes in the viewer "notes" area, and emailing those notes to themselves for later use. Presenters interact with each other as well as the participant. This delivers an educational experience that is engaging, interesting, as well as professionally rewarding.

Click Here to get started and view the courses and calendar.

Courses Available:

Why Business Income is the MOST Important Property Coverage-2Hrs
Insuring Truckers-3Hrs
The Basics of Property Values and Coinsurance Conditions-3Hrs
Gigs and Side Hustles - The Insurance Issues-2Hrs
The Basics of Commercial Property Underwriting and Rating: COPE-3Hrs
The Basics of Contractual Risk Transfer, Additional Insureds & Certificates of Insurance-4Hrs
Additional Insureds: Issues and Endorsements-2Hrs
When Words Collide… Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes-2Hrs
Condos & How to Insure Them-1Hr
We Call it Cannabis Now-2Hrs
Commercial Property Claims That Cause Problems-2Hrs
New Threats and Possibilities in Commercial & Personal Lines-2Hrs
Contracts Agents Should Read-2Hrs
5 Contractor Coverage Concepts Every Agent Must Understand-2Hrs
Garage Operations, Valet Parking, Storage Facilities and Similar Auto Risks-3Hrs
3 Keys to Getting the Named Insured Correct-2Hrs
To Be or Not to AirBnb - Sharing Exposures and Insurance-2Hrs
Understanding Business Income Coverages-4Hrs
Premium Auditing – What Every Agent Must Know-2Hrs
Properly Calculating & Insuring the Business Income Exposure-2Hrs
Why Certificates of Insurance...Just Why?-2Hrs
Understanding the Importance of Ordinance or Law Coverage-2Hrs
Workers' Compensation and the Law-3Hrs
Workers’ Compensation: 5 Mistakes Every Agent Makes-2Hrs

Covid-19 Litigation and Insurance Issues-1Hr
Why Insurance Doesn’t Cover the COVID-19 Pandemic-2Hrs
How COVID Rocked Insurance-2Hrs

Cyber 101: The Basics of Cyber Insurance - 1Hr
Cybersecurity Risk and Insurance Are…-1Hr

Welcome to the Cyber Age-Insurance for Digital Assets and Cyber Incidents-2Hrs

Surplus Lines Licensing Exam Prep

Short educational videos for the Arizona Surplus Lines Licensing Exam and additional resources.

Video Library & Coffee Break Videos

Short informative videos on insurance topics.

Basics and Beyond

Live and recorded webinars on risk and insurance basics through the ABEN platform.


Engage your team through competitive dashboards while you train, track and focus additional training where you know it is needed. No CE awarded.