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Licensing Requirements and Information

An insurance producer (formerly known as an insurance agent or insurance broker) is an individual or business authorized to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance.

Who Must Be Licensed
You can only sell, solicit or negotate a line of insurance in Arizona if you are licensed as an insurance producer for that line of authority. If you are involved in the sale, solicitation or negotation of insurance, you must be licensed as an insurance producer, except for those unless...

Exceptions to insurance producer licensing

A. An insurer is not required to obtain an insurance producer license. In this section, insurer does not include an insurer's officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries or affiliates.

B. The following persons are not required to obtain a license as an insurance producer:

1. An officer, director or employee of an insurer or of an insurance producer, if the officer, director or employee does not receive any commission on policies written or sold to insurer risks residing, located or to be performed in this state and either:

(a) The activities of the officer, director or employee are executive, administrative, managerial, clerical or a combination of these and are only indirectly related to the sale, solicitation or negotiation of insurance.

(b) The functions of the officer, director or employee relate to underwriting, loss control, inspection or the processing, adjusting, investigating or settling of a claim on a contract of insurance.

(c) The officer, director or employee either:

(i) Acts as a special agent or agency supervisor assisting insurance producers and engages in activities that are limited to providing technical advice and assistance to licensed insurance producers and that do not include the sale, solicitation or negotiation of insurance.

(ii) Responds to requests from existing policyholders to transact matters after effectuation of the policy and arising out of the policy and does not engage in negotiation or solicitation, other than to confer with the policyholders regarding the policyholders' requests.

2. A person who does not receive any commission, but who secures and provides information for the purpose of either:

(a) Group life insurance, group annuities, group or blanket accident and health or sickness insurance.

(b) Enrolling individuals under plans, issuing certificates under plans or otherwise assisting in administering plans or performing administrative services related to mass-marketed property and casualty insurance.

3. An employer or association or its officers, directors or employees or the trustees of an employee trust plan, to the extent that the employer or association or officers, directors, employees or trustees are engaged in the administration or operation of a program of employee benefits for the employer's or association's own employees or the employees of its subsidiaries or affiliates and the program involves the use of insurance issued by an insurer, if the employer or association or officers, directors, employees or trustees are not directly or indirectly compensated in any manner by the company that issues the contracts.

4. Employees of insurers or organizations employed by insurers who engage in the inspection, rating or classification of risks or the supervision of the training of insurance producers and who are not individually engaged in the sale, solicitation or negotiation of insurance.

5. A person whose activities in this state are limited to advertising without the intent to solicit insurance in this state through communications in printed publications or other forms of electronic mass media whose distribution is not limited to residents of the state, if the person does not sell, solicit or negotiate insurance that would insure risks residing, located or to be performed in this state.

6. A person who is not a resident of this state and who sells, solicits or negotiates a contract of insurance for commercial property and casualty risks to an insured with risks that are located in more than one state insured under that contract, if that person is otherwise licensed as an insurance producer to sell, solicit or negotiate that insurance in the state where the insured maintains its principal place of business and the contract of insurance insures risks located in that state.

7. A salaried full-time employee who counsels or advises the employee's employer regarding the insurance interests of the employer or its subsidiaries or business affiliates, if the employee does not sell or solicit insurance or receive a commission. 

P&C Licensing Exam Preparation
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P&C Licensing Classes
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Arizona Insurance Licensing Exam Insurance license examinations are administered by Prometric. Prometric's website contains license candidate publications that describe Arizona insurance licensing requirements and that outline material covered on each of the examinations. The outlines show the percentage of the examination that will deal with particular topic areas.

Schedule Your Examination

You may take your exam at any
Prometric test center throughout the U.S. in which insurance examinations are offered.

Producer Licensing Application

Click Here for Insurance Producer License Application Information.

Application Requirements
Not everyone qualifies for an insurance license. The Arizona Department can deny a license for any cause listed in Arizona Revised Statutes ("ARS") 20-295. You should review this statute before deciding to spend the time, effort and money to apply for a license. If you apply for a license, you must truthfully and completely answer questions asked on the application, and you may need to provide additional documentation. 

General Requirements:
1. Individuals must be at least 18 years old.

2. Maintain a principal place of business. You must have and maintain a location where you keep usual and customary records pertaining to transactions under your license.

3. Pass Licensing Exam (Not required for limited-line travel insurance producer license, or Arizona Non-Residents in good standing with their home state, or New Arizona Residents who submit their application within 90 days of canceling their insurance license in former home state with a clearance letter from that state.)

4. Submit Fingerprints (Not required for Arizona Non-Residents.)

5. Submit proper application and fees including fingerprint card processing fees (if required).