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Coffee Break Videos

Not Married - Living Together, the Homeowner Policy Risk Exposure
Statistics show that less than half of the homes today are owned by married couples.  What should agents do when facing this insurance risk exposure of their customers?  Click here to find out. 


Understanding Arizona's Insurance Continuing Education Law
Arizona CE laws changed effective January 1, 2014.  This short video explains the new law and who is grandfathered.  Click here to learn more.

Diminished Value in the ISO Personal Auto Policy
Learn about the concept of diminished valuation of automobiles when they are involved in a collision and what the ISO personal auto policy says about the possible resale value, even in cases when expert repairs have been made.  For more information, Click here.

E&O - Documentation Does Not Have To Be Difficult
Explore what you can do to help adequately defend your agency in the case an E&O claim. To find out what more you can do to build up your line of defense, Click here.