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Universal Insurance Facilities, Ltd. - Phoenix

On any given day that you stop by Universal Insurance, you will find Morgan sitting next to Randy or walking the office getting her daily love and attention from the staff. Although Randy spent 20 years providing foster care to rescue dogs, in 2010 she went through the rigorous process of becoming a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI).
An article written by Erica Shatzer describes the program. “CCI improves the lives of disabled persons by increasing their independence with highly trained assistance dogs. It is the largest provider of assistance dogs worldwide.”
Shatzer’s article also states, “On November 10th 2010, an 8 week old puppy named Morgan was delivered to Tipton. Morgan lives with Tipton and goes to work with her every day. The puppy accompanies her to business meetings and the pair attends training classes to ensure Morgan acquires the skills needed to become a companion dog. Morgan follows a specific diet and is taught specific commands that will enable her to assist a disabled person. There is even a manual Tipton must follow as a puppy raiser.”

The commitment Randy has given to Morgan and to CCI is tremendous but is done out of her love for dogs and her desire to give back to her community.